The Emporium Country Club around 1930. The Emporium purchased 32+ acres from the Pastoris in 1925 and developed it as a country retreat for their employees, retaining the property until 1943. The swimming pool, left center, was built in 1927. Note the covered bleachers at center and the tennis courts to the right.

This aerial view shows the grounds in the late 1940's. A former horse corral in the lower foreground has been opened to provide parking for visitors. The former covered bleachers at the far right center have been enclosed to create a 2 story building for storage and apartments. The tennis courts are above it on the far right. Two ball fields can be seen, one at each side of the horse corral.

A busy day in the 1960's. The shopping center has been built but not the post office. In the center of the photos, ten trampolines have been added (A short - lived amusement feature that was soon removed because of insurance liabilities). There was an estimated attendance of around 2,000 on this day, judging from the number of cars and buses parked on the grounds. A normal weekend crowd.