In June of 1944, Max began sponsoring a baseball team, the Fairfax Boy's Athletic Club. He provided each player with a brand new white and green uniform with the Marin Town and Country Club" name on it. The boys played their home games on the country club diamond. Max helped provide transportation when the boys played games on other teams' diamonds. The league was inter-city.



Max's ball team became the training ground for a number of boys who later played professional ball. One of those boys was Joe De Maestri, Sil DeMaestri's son. Joe went on to play professional ball for the New York Yankees and later the Philadelphia Athletics


Sun bathers relax on the lawn near the main pool.

The first Monday in August saw 1500 boys and girls show up to take advantage of "Free Day". They started arriving at 8 o'clock in the morning even though the club didn't open until ll am. Kids came dressed in rolled-up jeans and gaily colored shirts with tails flying in the approved fashion of the day. They could be seen, swimming, dancing to the juke box, playing games and strolling around the grounds with a hot dog in one hand and a bottle of pop in the other.

The end of the season for the Marin Town and Country Club came at the end of September or the beginning of October.

The pool in 1945

There were seven pools by the time it closed in 1972.

The diving pool where Olympic hopefuls use to practice in the 40's and 50's.

The main pool

In the vicinity of the pool areas, volley ball and basketball courts were built, as well as a child's play area with swings, miniature play houses and structures.

The west end of the property had large picnic grounds and plenty of barbecue pits.


A limited supply of Bulletins, #11, about the Marin Town & Country Club, are still available from the Fairfax Historical Society. $5. postpaid.